Start Fast and Go Far

Unlock over P2,300,000 in additional bonus potential over 12 months with the purchase of a Fast Start Pack.

Fast Start Benefits

  • Unlock additional bonus potential
  • Purchase 4Life's science-backed, award-winning products
  • Save on 4Life's best-selling products
  • Earn bonuses with every new rank and level you achieve
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Fast Start Core Pack (400 LP)

• You save P8410
• 4Life's Top 3 immune support products*
• Free essential bag
• Earn 60 Loyalty Points when you purchase through the Loyalty Program

Fast Start Best Sellers Pack (400 LP)

• You save P6,245
• Assortment of 4Life best-selling, science-backed products
• Free essential bag
• Earn 60 Loyalty Points when you purchase through the Loyalty Program

12 Months to Unlock Your Bonus Potential

Earn the following Fast Start Bonuses every month you advance in rank.

Double Builder Bonus

Who said double dipping was a bad thing?

As a Fast Start participant, within your first 12 months, you’re eligible to earn the Double Builder Bonus. Achieve a new level and receive DOUBLE the earnings—up to Php117,600.

Total potential earnings: P2,371,600

Fast Start Bonus: P2,254,000

Double Builder Bonus: P117,600

Fast Start Core Pack (400 LP)

Immune system and antioxidant support with a combination of 4Life favorites*

Fast Start Best Sellers Pack (400 LP)

Support your immune system, digestive health, heart health, and healthy energy levels*

† Less than 1% of 4Life Affiliates reach the rank of Gold or higher. For more information on median Affiliate earnings, please see our Income Disclosure.
**For additional information and program rules, please see the Fast Start Terms and Conditions.