Pia Wurtzbach:

“With 4Life Transfer Factor products, you have a smart and vigilant immune system that fights back against threats you face everyday to enable you to live your best life possible!

I urge you to try Transfer Factor products for yourself and see what fits for you. If you value your health and you want to take care of yourself, now is the best time! This is the best gift that you can give yourself.”

Science of Transfer Factor

In 1998, 4Life Founder and Chairman of the Board, David Lisonbee uncovered research about transfer factors and their benefits for the immune system. First discovered in 1948 by Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence, transfer factors help the immune system quickly identify potential health threats, speed up the immune system's response, and help the immune system remember the makeup of specific threats to handle them more quickly in the future*. 4Life obtains transfer factors from cow collostrum and chicken egg yolks using patented and exclusive processes.

4Life Transfer Factor products help your immune system recognize, respond to, and remember potential health threats.

Foundation 4Life

Foundation 4Life began in 2006 when the founders of 4Life Research organized a non-profit organization to benefit children around the world. Situated in the Wasatch mountains of Northern Utah, 4Life supports Foundation 4Life by donating a portion of every product purchase to service projects around the world.

Why 4Life?
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