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Six Ways to Be Stress Free!

Six Ways to Be Stress Free!

Kick Back and Relax

The holiday season is here! The holidays are a wonderful time, but they can be a little stressful. . . OK, really stressful. That’s why we’re dedicating this issue to stress management. Managing stress can help you sleep better and feel better in general! Keep reading for some great tips.

1. Breathe in—breathe out

It’s simple, but simple deep breathing exercises can lower your stress levels. Take five minutes for meditation or just some deep breaths. When you think about your breathing, you focus on the present, so you don’t worry as much about the past or future.

2. Don’t get triggered

Identify your “stress triggers” or the things that cause you stress. If certain situations or people cause unnecessary stress, consider limiting your time with them. If you can’t identify triggers, keep a stress journal and mark when you feel stressed.

3. Talk it out

Talk to someone about what is worrying you. Confide in a family member, close friend, or therapist. Discussing your worries can take a load off your mind and help you feel like you’re not facing things alone.

4. Discover a new talent

Take time for yourself. Recharge your batteries by reading, playing a musical instrument, exercising, or painting. You get a break from worry and feel accomplished at the same time!

5. Talk to yourself

You’re probably your own harshest critic. Instead of being critical or judgmental, treat yourself as a friend and speak encouragingly. Instead of, “Why can’t I do anything right?” try, “I’m doing my best. Look at all I’ve accomplished!”

6. Count your blessings

Counting your blessings helps you realize all the good in your life. By creating a “gratitude list,” you will become aware of other resources you have to lower stress like friends, family, or talents you can use to feel better.