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Enjoy big savings through wholesale pricing

Loyalty Program Benefits

Earn Loyalty Points and get the free Bonus Product of the Month**

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Receive a 25% Instant Discount at checkout on qualifying purchases††

It's in the Science

Superior, patented products

At 4Life, we don’t just sell products. We sell science. Our products are powered by transfer factors, powerful communication molecules, and we’re committed to supporting immune system health. Our products are meticulously researched at our laboratory by in-house scientists. We have innovative supplements, a luxury skincare line, and more. Trust us, we have a product for you!*

  • Scientifically proven products
  • 6 US patents and 38 international patents
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


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Get paid to share wellness

4Life makes it easy to earn money selling life-changing products. We have one of the highest payouts in the industry, so building your own business has never been more rewarding.

  • Retail profits
  • 25% cash back through our Rapid Rewards program on all MyShop customer orders
  • Extra income as you build a team

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Claim rewards and bonuses

As a 4Life Independent Distributor, you can receive generous commissions on product sales, plus a variety of exciting incentives. Earn cash payouts and luxury getaways with our comprehensive rewards program.

  • Easy-to-follow compensation plan
  • Cash rewards for growing your 4Life business
  • Free luxury getaways for meeting milestones†

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Only after I experienced the efficacy of 4Life products did I give the 4Life opportunity another look! And because I am my product’s product, all I had to do was to share my personal experience. Now, I am living my dreams and part of my success is seeing others achieve success as well. There is a wonderful freedom in knowing that you are able to help others fulfill their dreams. When you Do Life Differently with 4Life you have the opportunity to do something of lasting significance.
- Mikhail Jan Jan Koh - Gold

With my success in 4Life, my husband and my sons have joined me in the business. That is another beauty of 4Life—it’s something that can be passed on through generations. I am grateful to be a part of an opportunity that allows me to not only improve the lives of my family, but also help others change their lives.
- Cynthia Orellana - Gold

4Life has tremendously changed my life and I deeply believe that 4Life will be able to change the future of many Filipinos too. With 4Life’s exceptional products and incomparable financial opportunity, I want to be able to continue reaching out to the less fortunate and better their lives. You are never too old or too poor to dream. I started with nothing but a dream, and because of 4Life I am now living my dreams!
- Manuel Koh - Gold

Preferred Customer Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to become a Preferred Customer?
    To gain access to 4Life's wholesale pricing and other Preferred Customer benefits, the membership fee is P700.
  • What is the 4Life Loyalty Program?
    The Loyalty Program is a monthly product subscription which allows you to earn 15% in Loyalty Points. You can redeem Loyalty Points for free 4Life products! If you maintain a 125 LP monthly Loyalty Program order, you qualify to receive the free Bonus Product of the Month.
  • What does LP mean?
    LP stands for Life Points, the point value assigned to each commissionable 4Life product. Life Points are converted to commissions based on the total point value of products sold by each Independent Distributor and his or her organization.

Independent Distributor Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get paid as an Independent Distributor?
    Earnings can be transferred to your BPI bank account or used to purchase 4Life products through your 4Life account.
  • Do I need to purchase products every month as an Independent Distributor?
    No, products purchased by your customers can help you maintain your Independent Distributor status.
  • When do I get paid?
    4Life pays Rapid Reward within 2-3 banking days and monthly commissions.
  • Why do I need to give my Tax Identification Number?
    Since 4Life pays commissions to Independent Distributors, your purchases and earnings are reported to the BIR.
  • What is the difference between a sponsor and enroller?
    Your sponsor is your direct upline Independent Distributor. Your enroller is the person who introduced you to 4Life. The enroller and sponsor are sometimes the same person.
**The free Bonus Product of the Month is selected by 4Life and will only ship with your next month’s Loyalty Order while you remain an active participant in the program. The free Bonus Product of the Month has no LP and cannot be returned or exchanged for a different product.
†Less than 1% of 4Life Independent Distributors qualify for incentive trips.
††Both Preferred Customers and Independent Distributors receive a 25% Instant Discount—at checkout—on all personal volume over 100 LP. The Instant Discount is not applicable to your first order with 4Life.